Off-Ice Classes

Off- Ice classes are held at Ice-Plex Escondido.

These classes are open to all of Connie's students, no matter what age or level. Connie will send out the off-ice class times via text on Mondays as the days/ times may vary.

Off-Ice curriculum: Every off-ice session has a specific intention. It will range between jumps, stretching, and general fitness. Classes focus on balance, agility, stamina, and technique.

Connie, a Master Trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, applies skater specific weight and cardio regiments throughout the off-ice class. Skaters are given the practice tools they need to be able to successful train off ice at home on their own.

Connie will give the participants off-ice workouts as homework in conjunction to their practice list given to them after their private lesson.

Cost -$15 per skater (per 60 minute class)

Attire- Skaters must arrive with their hair up, athletic clothes, and running shoes. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!


Email Connie to get started with off-ice training today!


Off-Ice Classes

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