2023 San Diego Ice Arena


2023 San Diego Ice Arena Coaching Policy

All San Diego Ice Arena coaches are required to update/resend my policies on a yearly basis.

These policies are effective February 1st 2023.

Here are the 2023 Coaching Policies:

ON ICE Rates- I have been the same rate for over 5 years. The rink will no longer let me charge this as it is way under what I should be charging.

Here are the new rates:

$80 ($70) – 1 hour session

$60 ($55) – 45-minute session

$40 ($35) – 30-minute session

The rate the is in the (discounted rate) is for my contracted ICE DMND competitors only. I was able to convince management that they should be able to keep the same rate as they are required to take more lessons for competition.

OFF ICE Rates will remain the same:

$30 - 1.5 hours

$20 - 1 hour

$10 - Zoom

Payment- Needs to be paid directly to Designated Coaching Staff (Wendy, Bob, Natasha, Katy, Kristin, Kevin, Alyssa, Madison) by the end of each lesson. My lessons remain a billing system where you will not pay until you receive a bill via text. Once the bill is received it needs to be paid within 5 days of receipt.

Lesson bookings: Skater’s lessons are booked with a 4-hour response time. To ensure you get your preferred booking time, a response is needed within the 4-hour timeframe. Otherwise, lesson bookings will be made after other skater’s lessons are booked.

Cancelations: All skate or off ice lesson cancellations with the Coach and/or Coach’s Designated Staff must be done 24-hours prior to the start of the scheduled lesson to avoid being charged for your lesson (regardless of the reason).

Release To Use/Post Photography and Videos: Parent/skater authorizes me, on behalf of the ICE DMND skater/team, to use Skater’s photographs, videos and competition results on my ICE DMND’s website, social media, team marketing and communications. As well as any photos or videos taken in private lessons or off ice.

Just a reminder, it is important that if you have any issues or conflicts related to your skater or their lessons please come directly to me and I will work with you to resolve it.


Thank you, please let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Coach Connie  


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