Private Lessons for Competitive Skaters

Private Lessons for Competitive Skaters

Programs, Policies, and Fees


Skater Development Program

• Private lessons with each student for 60 minutes a week. For skaters to be successful competing they must take a minimum of 2, 30 minute lessons a week. The week of competition additional lessons are also encouraged.  

• Within 24 hours the student will be emailed/ texted a specific practice program to be completed prior to our next lesson. This can be done on or off ice.  

• For every 1 hour lesson, the skater must practice on their own for a minimum of 1 hour.

• Practice time will be watched/ monitored by the coach and parent. Skaters are required to check in and out with the coach/ parent when they get to the rink to practice.

• As schedules permit competitive skaters are paired with younger skaters to get additional ice time. Working with the younger or less skilled skaters in a role of a teacher helps the competitive skater build additional confidence helping them understanding a broader perspective of skating, learning and the figure skating experience.

• Competitive skaters are required to compete 4 times a season with the same routine.

• Competitive skaters have the opportunity to compete as much as twice a month in competitions in District 15.

• Coach Connie gives skater/ parent the opportunity to choose skaters music. Skater/ parent will send the coach an email with 5 songs and youtube links in order of song skater likes best to least. Once a song is agreed upon coach will meet with the parent and skater to go over all of the possible categories the skater can compete in.

• When it is time to register for competition coach will sit down with the skater/ parent to go over the rule book as well as her expectations for the skater.

• As soon as the competition announcement is emailed out, coach will forward it to parent and help them with the online registration process.

• Prior to competition coach will email parent a detailed time schedule for their skater. This will include, time to warm up, time to perform, how to check in at the competition, where to meet, what to wear for warm ups over costume, and how hair/ makeup should be worn and competition fees.

• After competition the coach will set up a time to meet with the skater and parent to go over the results of competition. Skaters will be congratulated on everything they exceed, as well as go over things they can work on. We will have a goal setting meeting and come up with a detailed plan to improve for the next competition.

• Connie promises the best competition experience to all of her skaters. She will go through the competitive process step by step with families so they are always in the loop. Connie will work very hard to make sure all skaters are happy, proud, and have fun at each and every competition, no matter what the results. 


Cancellation Policy

• There is a 24 hour cancelation policy that Connie follows as well as many other coaches and facilities.  If the student cancels within 24 hours they are still required to pay for their lesson. In order to maintain the upmost respectable program for all the skaters, Coach Connie follows the same policy. If she haS to cancel a lesson for a student within 24 hours of their lesson, the next one is free of charge.


Private lesson fees are as follows

• 30 min $40.00 

• 45 min $60.00

• 60 min $80.00


Semi-Private lessons, fees are as follows:

• 45 min $35.00

• 60 Minutes $50.00 


Competition Fees:

• Competition (Pro-fees) and Hotel/Transportation fees are due at the competition.

• If you scratch from the competition you are still responsible for payment of the fees.

• If there are two or fewer skaters attending an out of town competition, a loss of income fee may be added per skater per day.

• Competition fees vary based on location, amount of skaters competing, and amount of additional time spent at competition.

• A pro-fee is a fee you pay that covers: time spent planning/prepping for each individual competition (i.e lesson schedules), the fees the coach must pay to put on a skater, travel expenses, at the event time spent with the skater (warm-up off and on ice, performance time, and going over the skaters performance). 



2023 Coaching Policy


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