Theater on Ice

Ice Diamonds Theater on Ice!

The Ice Diamond Alice in Wonderland 2019 Theater on Ice Team

Meet the Cast:

~ Alice played by Alice Fousek

~ Queen of Hearts played by Nicole Brye

~ King of Hearts played by Broderick Cotter

~ White Rabbit played by Alexia Ayala

~ Cheshire Cat played by Isabella Varela

~ Mad Hatter played by Kyra Cantu

~ Fun Sized Alice and Ace of Clubs played by Kinley Toyne

~ Baby Alice and the candle stick played by Grace Toyne

~ Caterpillar played by Mia Miller

~ Bill the Lizard and 3 of Clubs played by Ava Weismiller

~ Tweedle Dee played by Jayden Marbry

~ Tweedle Dum played by Brooke Crotinger

~ March Hare played by Makenzie Cotter

~ Dormouse played by Vienna Rice

~ The Nanny played by Nicole Byers

~ Red Rose and 5 of Diamonds played by Itzel Quintero


Interested in competing with this dynamic team in the 2020 season? Email connie@coachconnienicole.com to see the teams next performance.


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